The Clogger Story

In the beginning there was Harvestwear. Life in the Hawkes Bay was ticking along nicely for Harvestwear and all was well in the world of fruit-picking equipment.

Then came the random question. Can you do chainsaw protection? Erm, probably but we know someone who may be better placed to help out.

Two years and a relocation to Invercargill later and the idea of chainsaw protection resurfaces. Protective clothing standards are getting tighter and the person who was better placed no longer likes that place.

The question comes back. Are you interested? Could you do it? Erm, probably.

That probably became a definitely. It was simply too much of a challenge. Pitting knowledge and know-how of textile and fabric against complex and demanding standards was far too enticing for the minds around the Board Room and Factory Floor to resist. A few blunt pencils, a floor strewn with off-cuts and a few fact finding missions to various parts of the globe later and Clogger was born.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. The goal was to be extraordinary, becoming the experts in chainsaw protective clothing. Clogger was to deliver something innovative, comfortable and durable. Something amazing.

It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen. Clogger is now the only NZ specialist in chainsaw protection. Clogger garments protect thousands of professional and domestic arborists throughout Australasia and around the world on the daily basis. The ArcMax FR range is recognised as world leading and a philosophy of continuous improvement drives development forward on a daily basis.

This means the story is not yet finished. There’s more to come. Lots more.

Clogger. The experts in chainsaw protection.