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Outlet NameTypePhoneRegionLocation (Island)
Mastertrade Whitianga Supplier07 867 1060WhitiangaNorth Island
Safety & ApparelPreferred Partner07 866 0955WhitiangaNorth Island
Whitianga Small Engines Supplier07 866 4100WhitiangaNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector WhangareiPreferred Partner09 438 1861WhangareiNorth Island
Cory’s Whangarei Supplier09 430 3666WhangareiNorth Island
Kaipara Workwear & Safety WhangareiPreferred Partner09 438 3811WhangareiNorth Island
Mico Plumbing Whangarei Supplier09 438 7239WhangareiNorth Island
NZ Safety WhangareiPreferred Partner09 430 3055WhangareiNorth Island
Whangarei Chainsaws & Mower Service Supplier09 438 1141WhangareiNorth Island
Riverside Mowers & Machinery Supplier06 348 0001WhanganuiNorth Island
Chrystal Bear Mowers & Chainsaws Supplier07 865 6379WhangamataNorth Island
Chainsaws & Mowers 2003 Ltd Supplier07 308 5592WhakataneNorth Island
Jacks Machinery Ltd Supplier07 308 7299WhakataneNorth Island
Taylor Mowers Supplier07 307 1517WhakataneNorth Island
Promotional Solutions & Safety Supplier03 789 8908Westport South Island
Blackwoods Protector PetonePreferred Partner04 568 3604WellingtonNorth Island
Coastal Mowers LimitedPreferred Partner04 902 5580WellingtonNorth Island
Cory’s Wellington Supplier04 384 3709WellingtonNorth Island
Mastertrade Porirua Supplier04 232 1146WellingtonNorth Island
Mico Plumbing Paraparaumu Supplier04 296 1404WellingtonNorth Island
NZ Safety Newtown Supplier04 389 0854WellingtonNorth Island
NZ Safety Petone Supplier04 568 8029WellingtonNorth Island
Porirua Cycle & Mower Centre LtdPreferred Partner04 237 4085WellingtonNorth Island
Safeworx WellingtonPreferred Partner04 586 6308WellingtonNorth Island
Chainsaw & Mower Services Ltd Supplier09 945 0090WarkworthNorth Island
Cory’s Warkworth Supplier09 422 2380WarkworthNorth Island
Farm and Lifestyle CentrePreferred Partner09 425 7754WarkworthNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector WanganuiPreferred Partner06 348 0472WanganuiNorth Island
Paragon MotorcyclesPreferred Partner06 345 9011WanganuiNorth Island
Mastertrade Wanganui Supplier06 348 7002WanganuiNorth Island
Husqvarna Wanaka Supplier03 443 9350Wanaka South Island
Mitre 10 Wanaka Supplier03 443 9137Wanaka South Island
Monty’s Mowers Supplier09 235 7167WaiukuNorth Island
Blueskin Mowers and Chainsaws Supplier03 482 1334Waitati South Island
Blueskin Mowers & Chainsaws LtdPreferred Partner03 482 1334WaitatiNorth Island
Pauls Lawnmowers & Chainsaws Supplier06 754 6021WaitaraNorth Island
National First Aid Distributors Supplier04 527 9161Upper HuttNorth Island
Tinsley Mowers Supplier04 526 9681Upper HuttNorth Island
Cory’s Tokoroa Supplier07 886 4549TokoroaNorth Island
Safety & More LtdPreferred Partner07 886 0580TokoroaNorth Island
Stihl Shop Tokoroa Supplier07 886 6611TokoroaNorth Island
Tokoroa Power MachinesPreferred Partner07 886 8284TokoroaNorth Island
Aorangi MerchantsPreferred Partner03 686 6300Timaru South Island
Blackwoods Protector TimaruPreferred Partner03 688 7112Timaru South Island
Stihl Shop Timaru Supplier03 688 2557Timaru South Island
Claas Harvest Centre Supplier03 688 2111Timaru South Island
Mico Plumbing Timaru Supplier03 688 4073Timaru South Island
NZ Safety Timaru Supplier03 688 8855Timaru South Island
Willmott’s Workwear Supplier03 684 3567Timaru South Island
Stihl Shop ThamesPreferred Partner07 868 8730ThamesNorth Island
Temuka Motorcycle Centre Ltd Supplier03 615 7101Temuka South Island
Attrill Cycles Supplier07 573 7019Te PukeNorth Island
Bob Batchelor Motors Supplier07 5739782Te PukeNorth Island
Lawnmower & Chainsaw Centre Supplier07 871 8838Te AwamutuNorth Island
Te Aroha Tractors & Garden Machinery Supplier07 884 9902Te ArohaNorth Island
Te Aroha Mowers & Chainsaws Supplier07 884 8697Te ArohaNorth Island
Fiordland Cycle & Mower Centre Supplier03 249 7460Te Anau South Island
Action Equipment Tauranga Supplier07 578 2261TaurangaNorth Island
Bay Engineers Supplies Mt Maunganui Supplier07 572 9470TaurangaNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector TaurangaPreferred Partner07 572 9371TaurangaNorth Island
Cory’s Tauranga Supplier07 578 3146TaurangaNorth Island
Garden Forest MarinePreferred Partner07 578 1028TaurangaNorth Island
Mico Equip Mt Maunganui Supplier07 575 5084TaurangaNorth Island
NZ Safety Tauranga Supplier07 578 9320TaurangaNorth Island
Safety Gear Company Ltd Supplier0800 151 144TaurangaNorth Island
Workwear & Safety 2000 Supplier07 574 7129TaurangaNorth Island
Industrial Footwear & Safety Ltd Supplier07 578 2746TaurangaNorth Island
Cory’s Taupo Supplier07 378 8151TaupoNorth Island
Mico Plumbing Taupo Supplier07 378 4380TaupoNorth Island
Taupo Rigging & SafetyPreferred Partner07 378 4754TaupoNorth Island
Tomo Saws and More LtdPreferred Partner07 378 6990TaupoNorth Island
Central Mowers & ChainsawsPreferred Partner07 895 6539TaumarunuiNorth Island
Dwains Service Centre Supplier03 204 8455TapanuiNorth Island
Orange Peart Mechanical Services Ltd Supplier03 525 9991Takaka South Island
OnFarmSafety New Zealand Supplier06 765 7710StratfordNorth Island
Active Safety NZ LimitedPreferred Partner09 427 8075SilverdaleNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector RotoruaPreferred Partner07 350 1777RotoruaNorth Island
Chainsaw & Mower Centre Ltd Supplier07 348 7589RotoruaNorth Island
CI Safety Ltd Supplier021 277 1817RotoruaNorth Island
Lakeland Chainsaws & Mowers 2006 LtdPreferred Partner07 348 8142RotoruaNorth Island
Stihl Shop Rotorua Supplier07 348 6614RotoruaNorth Island
Mico Plumbing Rotorua Supplier07 348 0079RotoruaNorth Island
NZ Safety Rotorua Supplier07 348 6410RotoruaNorth Island
Thompson Lawnmowers & Chainsaws Supplier07 348 4442RotoruaNorth Island
Grasslands 1998 Ltd Ranui Supplier09 833 9479RanuiNorth Island
Mead Mowers & Chainsaws LtdPreferred Partner03 313 6640Rangiora South Island
Blackwoods Protector Queenstown Supplier03 451 0082Queenstown South Island
Cory’s Queenstown Supplier03 441 2434Queenstown South Island
Mico Pukekohe Supplier09 237 1155PukekoheNorth Island
Safety at WorkPreferred Partner09 239 2004PukekoheNorth Island
Ticketwear Supplier09 239 0451PukekoheNorth Island
Mower Services Paramata Supplier04 233 2270PoriruaNorth Island
Aorangi Motors Supplier03 614 7260Pleasant Point South Island
Action Safety LtdPreferred Partner04 298 2229ParaparumuNorth Island
Central Mower ServicesPreferred Partner06 355 2967Palmerston NorthNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector Palmerston NorthPreferred Partner06 356 7079Palmerston NorthNorth Island
Cory’s Palmerston North Supplier06 357 0874Palmerston NorthNorth Island
NZ Safety Palmerston North Supplier06 353 0254Palmerston NorthNorth Island
Motorcycle HQ Supplier06 376 8288PahiatuaNorth Island
Valley Chainsaws & Mowers Supplier07 862 8701PaeroaNorth Island
Haddad Menswear Supplier07 873 8377OtorohangaNorth Island
Ericksen Chainsaws & Mowers Supplier07 315 6746OpotikiNorth Island
Lowes Hire & EngineeringPreferred Partner07 315 6515OpotikiNorth Island
Mico Oamaru Supplier03 434 5029Oamaru South Island
Oamaru Chainsaw & Mower LtdPreferred Partner03 434 9012Oamaru South Island
Blackwoods Protector New PlymouthPreferred Partner06 758 9109New PlymouthNorth Island
Cory’s Equip Safety New PlymouthPreferred Partner06 759 5420New PlymouthNorth Island
Mico Plumbing New Plymouth Supplier06 759 0371New PlymouthNorth Island
Mikes Chainsaws & Outdoor PowerPreferred Partner06 757 3574New PlymouthNorth Island
NZ Safety New Plymouth Supplier06 758 5829New PlymouthNorth Island
Tasman SafetyPreferred Partner06 759 8429New PlymouthNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector NelsonPreferred Partner03 548 8603Nelson South Island
Mastertrade Richmond Supplier03 543 8320Nelson South Island
Mico Plumbing Nelson Supplier03 548 2334Nelson South Island
Nelson Bays Chainsaws & Mowers Supplier03 541 0249Nelson South Island
NZ Safety Nelson Supplier03 548 2114Nelson South Island
On Farm Agri CentrePreferred Partner03 547 3276Nelson South Island
Richmond EquipmentPreferred Partner03 544 6122Nelson South Island
The Loggers ShopPreferred Partner03 542 4076Nelson South Island
Cory’s Napier Supplier06 843 7490NapierNorth Island
Mico Plumbing NapierPreferred Partner06 843 6001NapierNorth Island
NZ Safety Napier Supplier06 843 7534NapierNorth Island
Young MotorsPreferred Partner06 836 6126NapierNorth Island
Pacific Consumables Supplier06 842 1468NapierNorth Island
Top Workwear Supplier06 870 9037NapierNorth Island
Stihl Shop Motueka Supplier03 528 9159Motueka South Island
Len Sinclair Saws & MowersPreferred Partner03 489 5058Mosgiel South Island
Stihl Shop MiltonPreferred Partner03 417 8959Milton South Island
Tiffs Engineering Supplier03 417 7282Milton South Island
Mower & Chainsaw Specialists Ltd Supplier07 888 6821MatamataNorth Island
Mastertrade Masterton Supplier06 377 7145MastertonNorth Island
Rugged ValleyPreferred Partner06 370 4499MastertonNorth Island
Robbies Mechanical ServicesPreferred Partner06 327 7115MartonNorth Island
Mangonui Mowers & Chainsaws Supplier09 406 0584MangonuiNorth Island
Mangawhai Small Engines Supplier09 431 5270MangawhaiNorth Island
Cory’s Lower Hutt Supplier04 586 1730Lower HuttNorth Island
KC MotorsPreferred Partner06 367 9952LevinNorth Island
Lakewood Products Supplier06 368 4815LevinNorth Island
Levin Sawmakers 1996 LtdPreferred Partner06 368 2494LevinNorth Island
Mastertrade Levin Supplier06 367 3160LevinNorth Island
Grasslands 1998 Ltd Kumeu Supplier09 412 7880KumeuNorth Island
Kumeu Chainsaw & Mower Service Supplier09 412 8109KumeuNorth Island
Ticketwear Supplier021 90 90 10Kerikeri/KaitaiaNorth Island
Mastertrade Kerikeri Supplier09 407 5180KerikeriNorth Island
On Site Safety Supplier09 401 6699KerikeriNorth Island
Mid-North Honda Supplier09 407 7736KerikeriNorth Island
Northland Farm & Forestry Supplies Supplier09 407 8969KerikeriNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector KawerauPreferred Partner07 323 1500KawerauNorth Island
Cory’s Kawerau Supplier07 323 1100KawerauNorth Island
Weld Tec ServicesPreferred Partner07 323 6730KawerauNorth Island
Action Equipment Katikati Supplier07 549 2260KatikatiNorth Island
Northland Engineering SuppliesPreferred Partner09 405 2630KaikoheNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector InvercargillPreferred Partner03 214 4512Invercargill South Island
Mico Plumbing Invercargill Supplier03 214 4424Invercargill South Island
NZ Safety Invercargill Supplier03 218 4273Invercargill South Island
Southern WorkwearPreferred Partner03 214 3182Invercargill South Island
Mico Plumbing Hutt Supplier04 569 1917Hutt CityNorth Island
Huntly Honda Supplier07 828 9687HuntlyNorth Island
Mico Plumbing Hawera Supplier06 278 0055HaweraNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector HastingsPreferred Partner06 878 8310HastingsNorth Island
Cory’s Hastings Supplier06 873 5329HastingsNorth Island
Hawkes Bay Mowers & Chainsaws Supplier06 878 2579HastingsNorth Island
Mastertrade Hastings Supplier06 878 5181HastingsNorth Island
NZ Safety Hastings Supplier06 873 0150HastingsNorth Island
Workwear HousePreferred Partner06 879 8844HastingsNorth Island
Bay Engineers Supplies Hamilton Supplier07 850 9929HamiltonNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector HamiltonPreferred Partner07 849 4259HamiltonNorth Island
Mico Equip HamiltonPreferred Partner07 847 9079HamiltonNorth Island
NZ Safety Hamilton Supplier07 847 5178HamiltonNorth Island
NZ Safety Greymouth Supplier03 768 9424Greymouth South Island
Westland WorkgearPreferred Partner03 768 9524Greymouth South Island
Hokonui Suzuki Supplier03 208 5271Gore South Island
Southern Workwear GorePreferred Partner03 203 9444Gore South Island
Swanson Saw & Mower 1990 Supplier03 208 5051Gore South Island
Bay Trade Supplies LtdPreferred Partner06 867 9550GisborneNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector GisbornePreferred Partner06 868 6856GisborneNorth Island
Cory’s Gisborne Supplier06 867 2084GisborneNorth Island
NZ Safety GisbornePreferred Partner06 867 5055GisborneNorth Island
Feilding Chainsaw & Mower ServicePreferred Partner06 323 4144FeildingNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector DunedinPreferred Partner03 477 1596Dunedin South Island
Cory’s Dunedin Supplier03 474 0682Dunedin South Island
G & J Swann LtdPreferred Partner03 455 9052Dunedin South Island
Mico Plumbing Dunedin Supplier03 455 2088Dunedin South Island
NZ Safety Dunedin Supplier03 466 4774Dunedin South Island
Road Materials WorkgearPreferred Partner03 477 6390Dunedin South Island
Traffic Management & Control Ltd Supplier0800 000 168Dunedin South Island
Kaipara Workwear & Safety DargavillePreferred Partner09 439 3030DargavilleNorth Island
Challenge Supplier03 318 8421Darfield South Island
Jakes Auto Electrical Supplier03 445 0700Cromwell South Island
Blackwoods Protector ChristchurchPreferred Partner03 348 8305Christchurch South Island
Fosters Stihl Shop Supplier03 343 6339Christchurch South Island
LeedsafePreferred Partner03 379 2055Christchurch South Island
Mico Equip Hornby Supplier03 349 6769Christchurch South Island
NZ Safety Hornby Supplier03 344 4355Christchurch South Island
NZ Safety Linwood Supplier03 344 4355Christchurch South Island
OMC Power EquipmentPreferred Partner03 366 1829Christchurch South Island
POW horticulture SupplierChristchurch South Island
Ruralrpm LtdPreferred Partner03 325 2725Christchurch South Island
Shands Outdoor Power Centre Supplier03 349 8955Christchurch South Island
Masson Implements Supplier06 379 8044CartertonNorth Island
Tractor, Lawnmower & Chainsaw Services Ltd Supplier06 379 8397CartertonNorth Island
Four Seasons Cycles & Mowers Supplier07 827 6761CambridgeNorth Island
Leamington Cycles & Mowers Supplier07 827 5858CambridgeNorth Island
Mico Cambridge Supplier07 823 2770CambridgeNorth Island
Shaw’s Wire Ropes LimitedPreferred Partner07 823 4029CambridgeNorth Island
Cory’s Blenheim Supplier03 577 5643Blenheim South Island
Mikes Mowers & Chainsaw Service LtdPreferred Partner03 577 9933Blenheim South Island
Cory’s Balclutha Supplier03 418 4590Balclutha South Island
Findlaters Yamaha 2005Preferred Partner03 418 0527Balclutha South Island
PowerZone Suzuki Ltd Supplier03 418 4672Balclutha South Island
Allguard Safety & Workwear Supplier09 636 2251AucklandNorth Island
Amare Safety Supplier09 271 5814AucklandNorth Island
Armour Safety Products Ltd Supplier09 267 6118AucklandNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector Albany Supplier09 442 0135AucklandNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector Avondale Supplier09 830 2026AucklandNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector East Tamaki Supplier09 273 7238AucklandNorth Island
Blackwoods Protector PenrosePreferred Partner09 579 3022AucklandNorth Island
Browns Bay Mowers & Heating Supplier09 479 5820AucklandNorth Island
Cory’s East Tamaki Supplier09 272 8010AucklandNorth Island
Cory’s HendersonPreferred Partner09 836 3738AucklandNorth Island
Cory’s North Shore Supplier09 478 0920AucklandNorth Island
Focus Safety Ltd Supplier09 415 4931AucklandNorth Island
Grasslands Outdoor & Leisure Limited Supplier09 535 4232AucklandNorth Island
Mastertrade Flat Bush Supplier09 274 4827AucklandNorth Island
Mico Equip PenrosePreferred Partner09 579 1972AucklandNorth Island
Mico Plumbing Albany Supplier09 415 4075AucklandNorth Island
Mico Plumbing Henderson Supplier09 836 1388AucklandNorth Island
NZ Safety Albany Supplier09 415 6142AucklandNorth Island
NZ Safety Avondale Supplier09 828 0462AucklandNorth Island
NZ Safety East Tamaki Supplier09 263 2969AucklandNorth Island
NZ Safety Glenfield Supplier09 444 5342AucklandNorth Island
NZ Safety Penrose Supplier09 526 6727AucklandNorth Island
NZ Safety Wiri Supplier09 263 0450AucklandNorth Island
Papakura Lawnmowers LtdPreferred Partner09 298 5670AucklandNorth Island
Safety Plus Ltd Supplier09 415 7340AucklandNorth Island
Safeworx Auckland AirportPreferred Partner09 275 3548AucklandNorth Island
Safeworx PapakuraPreferred Partner09 296 8432AucklandNorth Island
Sandringham Mowers & Heating Supplier09 846 9551AucklandNorth Island
TreetoolsPreferred Partner09 274 8090AucklandNorth Island
Wesfarmers – Wiri Distribution CentrePreferred Partner09 263 2932AucklandNorth Island
Landscape & Grower Supplies Supplier09 573 3007AucklandNorth Island
Cory’s Ashburton Supplier03 307 6060Ashburton South Island
Hoopers Outdoor Power Supplier03 3077055Ashburton South Island
N. C. EquipmentPreferred Partner03 314 8213Amberley South Island
McCrostie Parts & Machinery Supplier03 448 6344Alexandra South Island